List of Special Issues
All contributed special issues are dedicated to the subject of Humanities and Social Sciences. The motivation of those established special issues is to present the main aspects (past and present), latest developments, different viewpoints and the directions being followed in related fields.

Current Special Issue(s): 8

Child Poverty in Different Social and Cultural Context: Meanings, Contradictions and Policy

(Lead Guest Editors: Grace Alenoma )

Submission Deadline: Apr. 20, 2020

Literature and Arts and Their Role in the Psychological Development of the Adolescents

(Lead Guest Editors: Batjar Halili )

Submission Deadline: Jan. 15, 2020

Recent Advances in Special Education and Language Proficiency

(Lead Guest Editors: Mourad Ali Eissa )

Submission Deadline: Jan. 12, 2020

Religion, Gnosticism and Spirituality

(Lead Guest Editors: Maryam Bakhtyar )

Submission Deadline: Jan. 1, 2020

Digital Media and Cultural Globalisation: The Fate of African Value System

(Lead Guest Editors: Aondover Eric Msughter )

Submission Deadline: Dec. 20, 2019

Security Threats and Challenges of Modern World - Social and Cultural Dimension

(Lead Guest Editors: Izabela Oleksiewicz )

Submission Deadline: Nov. 25, 2019

Politics and Practices in Inclusive Education

(Lead Guest Editors: Diléia Aparecida Martins Briega )

Submission Deadline: Sep. 30, 2019

The Role of Social Media in Political Propaganda in Nigeria

(Lead Guest Editors: Raymond Ekpobodo )

Submission Deadline: Sep. 30, 2019

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