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Online-Based Strategy Training to Aid Millennial ESL Teachers

Submission deadline: Apr. 16, 2021
Status: Submission Closed
This special issue titled “Online-Based Strategy Training to aid Millennial ESL Teachers” targeting the teachers of English as a Second Language community. It paves the way to provide various novel perspectives to impart English language components to the teachers of ESL learners. Besides, it also focuses on the effective usage of online based strategy training to develop a rapport with the students in an online classroom atmosphere.
The aim of this special issue is to identify and generate a panoramic view of teaching methods in an ESL learner’s classroom of this current millennium. It also suggests distinct online based strategy training in imparting English as a second language. The future scope of these kinds of teaching methods may not only lead to formation of creative methods but also ends in effective engagements of English classroom in a highly competitive technological world of future generations.
Aims and Scope:
  1. Strategic Approaches
  2. Innovations in Pedagogies
  3. Cognitive Skills
  4. Online Teaching / Learning Tools
  5. Challenges in Online Classes
  6. New Generation ESL Learners
  7. Millennial ESL Teachers
  8. Training Modules
  9. Learning Styles and Strategies
  10. Benchmarks for Assessments
  11. Testing Methodologies
  12. Interdisciplinary Approaches
  13. Redefining Challenges
  14. Classroom Management
  15. Monitoring Heterogeneous Class
  16. Online Teaching - Traits and Etiquette
  17. Blended Approach
  18. Psychological Approach to Language
  19. Comparative Study – Primary to Tertiary Level
  20. Authentic Materials for Digitalized Classrooms
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